Today, many items can be made out of only one category of fibres or a mix of different natural, synthetic and artificial fibres.

Delicate fibres, such as silk or cashmere, shall be cleaned with the greatest care. The same applies to items embellished with fragile ornaments (like sequins or beads), and items whose fibre has been damaged by stains or lingering odours.

5àsec has managed to elaborate an innovative cleaning process, Maxima©, capable of treating all kind of fibres, including the most delicate ones, in a soft and efficient way.

Here are some examples for which Maxima is a must:

  • Silk:

For wedding dresses, evening gowns, delicate blouses…

  • Cashmere, Pashmina:

For cashmere sweaters, pashmina stoles…

  • Pure virgin wool:

Sweaters, cardigans, delicate dresses.

  • Artificial fibres such as viscose and acetate :

Cocktail dresses, evening gowns…

But also for clothes adorned with:

  • Ornaments:

Beads, embroideries, lace, fur…

  • Inlays:

Glitter, sequins …

  • Appliqué pieces:

Sewn leather or PVC pieces…

Thanks to this innovation, the most difficult stains to treat can be removed (coffee, blood, wine, etc…). The same goes for rings and the most tenacious odours.
In addition, our service Maxima protects the white and the colours of all your delicate items. Your items are restored to their original beauty, lustre and shape, making them feel brand new.