Carpet Care

Finally 5asec clients can enjoy our services and expertees not only for their garments  but for carpets too! 
5asec has started providing the carpet care services for all types of carpets! (Factory made carpets - Handmade carpets - Silk Carpets - Shenwa Carpets) 
Services provided :( Patch & seam  - Foundation – Framing- Length adjustment - density adjustment - Perfuming -Polishing Anti-moth).

To clean carpets we use the latest equipment and sensitive materials that do not damage the fabric or the colors.                         

We add sterilization material that protects the carpet from moth for 3-6 month on condition of proper ventilation and a clean place.

We add Carpet polishing materials to add a distinctive shine

We add a special perfume to the carpet, the amount is increased or decreased depending on the type of carpet.