What is your standard turnaround time?

Our turnaround time varies according to the kind of service your item requires. Nevertheless, the average turnaround time for regular cleaning is half day.

     What are your opening times?

Our opening hours slightly differ from one shop to another. Nevertheless, our outlets generally open 10 to 12 hours a day, without interruption. The opening times of your local dry cleaners are listed on their respective sheet here

     Do you provide an alteration service?

5àSec also offers an alteration service for your textiles. Find out which stores in your area provide this service by clicking here 

     Do you provide a carpet cleaning service?

Most of our stores provide a carpet cleaning service (Persian carpets, braided rugs, among others). Find out which 5àSec outlets in your area offer this service by clicking here 


     Do you offer a 1-hour Express service?

You can benefit from a very short turnaround time ‘dry cleaning’ service upon request thanks to the Express service.

All you need to do is to visit your local store to get informed


     Do you offer a loyalty card?

In order to get a 10% discount on the amount of all our services, do not hesitate to request your privilege card, and be informed of our special and exclusive offers.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the process by which soils and stains are removed from textiles by the use of solvents rather than water. It notably enables to treat fabrics that should not be cleaned with water. 

     Do you offer a dry cleaning delivery service?


     Do you provide cleaning services specifically designed for Businesses?

For several years now, 5àSec has put its expertise at the service of businesses. We provide a personalised service, tailor-made to your needs. For further information on our B2B service, please visit our dedicated page …… Do not hesitate to contact our specialist, who will explain you how it works and discuss your specific requirements.

What are your rates?

Rates vary according to the product and the requested service. Our prices are listed on our dedicated page. Do not hesitate to register to our newsletter to receive our special offers.


Our prices reflect the best quality/price ratio.

Do not hesitate to contact your local 5àSec store to find out their prices.

     Do you undertake the treatment of delicate textiles (t-shirts adorned with glitter, dresses embellished with sequins, top with bead inlays, wedding dress, communion alb, etc…)?

5àsec has developed a cleaning process designed to clean and revive all fibres, including the most delicate ones. By opting for the solution Maxima, you can safely entrust your most delicate textiles to us as well as those adorned with ornaments and inlays. 

White fabrics tend to fade and turn yellow or grey over time and after repeated washings. The White+ solution enables to recover the initial white colour of your garments. 

     Should I leave my freshly cleaned laundry in the plastic bag provided by my dry cleaner?

In order to protect your garment until you pick it up, it is wrapped in plastic. Before storing it, remove the protective plastic cover to let fibres breathe. It is recommended to use a fabric cover to protect the clothes you only wear occasionally.

        Do you also clean ‘technical/special’ clothing (ski wear, rain coats, etc.)?

Technical clothes require a specific treatment designed to clean them while preserving their properties (waterproof qualities, breathability, isolation etc.). 5àSec is thus specialized in providing special care to these specific items.

     Can regular dry cleaning damage my clothes?

Dry cleaning helps maintain your garments’ original beauty longer than water-based domestic washing would do. Dry cleaning limits wear and tear on your items as this process enables a limited opening of fibres, preserving thereby their original appearance, which is not the case with a classic domestic washing.


     My garment’s care label specifies it should be washed by hand. Still, can I wash it using the delicate cycle?

It is important to abide by the washing instructions specified on your garment’s care label. The wool cycle and the delicate cycle in cold water are not necessarily suitable for your item. The number of turns or drum rotations involved in the rinsing or spin-drying process also impact on the fibre wear and tear or damage. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask your 5àSec store for advice.