Ensuring Safe and Convenient Work Environment

The safety and well-being of our teams is one of our top priorities. We commit ourselves to providing a work environment that fosters respect for social diversity, based on the safety and the personal fulfilment of each employee.


Safety is at the heart of a healthy work environment

This is the reason why we have developed tools aimed at involving our teams and helping them to get a deeper understanding of the different products and machines available in our branches. Such initiatives have contributed to reduce drastically the inherent risks involved in our professional activity.

Each store is now equipped with a ‘safety sheet’, listing basic safety rules.

In addition, a monitoring system has been introduced in an effort to ensure that each and every employee benefits from similar working conditions, regardless of the country.

The training of our staff also contributes to the effective implementation of safety rules as well as the smooth functioning of the different processes.


Professional training enables members of our staff to enhance their skills and discover new opportunities of work within the group and thereby, develop their career plans.

Therefore, each and every person joining 5àsec follows a training program in order to get the required skills to shape and build a fulfilling career.

We have also launched a training program entitled ‘Awareness Program’ in all the countries where we operate, in order to raise awareness among our teams of the current environmental stakes and their ability to take action and make positive contribution on a daily basis.