Promote Innovations

5àsec has recently reinforced its R&D team to encourage innovation and improvements within the group. Boosting innovation, testing and improving ourselves, as part of a sustainable development approach, has enabled us to come up with genuine solutions to achieve growth while respecting the environment.


Since its creation, 5àsec has continuously developed the activity of its branches thanks to the solutions and innovations that have been brought over the years.

Today, as the leader in the market, we continue our research efforts in order to provide optimal solutions to meet the needs of our customers, while preserving and protecting our environment.

Our Research & Development department has been reinforced to provide more innovation and offer new and sustainable solutions.


The implementation of the scheme ‘We Share’ reflects our willingness to adopt a genuine and consistent sustainable growth strategy across our worldwide red.

The overwhelming majority of the countries where we operate have committed themselves, by signing the Sustainable Development Charter, to implementing actions aimed at reducing in the long run our impact on the environment. All these initiatives are measured thanks to a universal set of indicators, enabling us to assess our progress.