Our know how

 Committed to a professional approach, we give your garments the best possible care, through at least the 5 following stages of expertise :

1 - Diagnosis :

once you drop your clothes or household linens off at any of our stores, we inspect whether there is any specific stain or needed alteration. We advise you on specific and appropriate treatments.

2 - Pre-wash stain remover :

whereas cleaning has a global action on the whole garment, the use of removers enables the action to be localized. 5àsec has selected a range of products, specifically suited to the numerous types of stains, the colour, as well as the nature of the fabric being processed. As a result, pre-wash stain removers enable to optimize the washing or cleaning process.

3 - Cleaning or washing :

based on a multi-criteria analysis, we determine which process, among aqua-cleaning, washing and dry cleaning, is best suited for your clothing or household linen item. For instance, both the fabric composition and adornments are key elements that need to be taken into consideration before selecting a specific cleaning process.  

4 - Ironing :

thanks to both the specific methods of 5àsec and our professional ironing equipment, we put particular emphasis on returning items properly ironed without damaging the fibres nor the fabric. Our techniques are continuously improved, not only in terms of the quality of our ironing services but also in terms of the ergonomic working conditions of our teams.

5 - Quality control :

 After ironing, we check the quality of washing or cleaning, as well as the quality of ironing, according to our standards. Then, when we return your item, we put particular emphasis on your satisfaction, inviting you to check the quality of the service provided.