Develop Solutions

 Providing a high standard of service to our customers while achieving a sustainable growth is possible. By signing the Sustainable Development Charter, our countries commit themselves to finding sustainable solutions to limit their impact on the environment, focusing on 3 main strategic priorities:


The recycling program is aimed at reducing significantly the amount of consumables used on a daily basis, encouraging their reuse.

For example, as hangers are core elements of dry cleaning activities and are supplied in large numbers, they generate a sizeable volume of waste.

5àsec has thus decided to launch a program aimed at reusing wire hangers. Today, customer can return their hangers back to their dry cleaning operator for refund. Initially implemented in Switzerland, this initiative has enabled to reduce the number of hangers used by 5%. Due to the success of the scheme, it will be extended to the partner countries.

Alongside this program, we have taken actions to curb the use of plastic bags by substituting them for eco-friendly reusable individual covers.

Optimizing energy consumption

Optimizing our use of energy is fundamental. This is the reason why we have introduced solutions to reduce significantly our consumption of water and electricity. Thanks to the implementation of water proportioning and recovery systems, we plan to reduce by 5% our energy consumption in 2012.


As mobility and personalised services have become ubiquitous watchwords of our times, opting for eco-friendly means of transport is an essential part of our development. We have thus established, in the city centres of some countries, an environmentally friendly delivery system that consists in replacing motorised vehicles by electric bikes.

The countries who signed the charter have committed themselves to implementing two new eco-friendly initiatives per year.